Dash 8 – Q400

The Dash 8 family of turboprop regional airliners, manufactured by Bombardier Aerospace, includes the Q100, Q200, Q300, and Q400 models. The Q400, with a capacity of 70 to 80 passengers, was developed by Bombardier to meet the requirements of regional airlines for larger aircraft on high-density, short-haul routes. It had its first flight in 1998 and entered commercial service in February 2000. With a speed and range of 2,519km, the Q400 provides airlines with the ability to service markets beyond conventional turboprop aircraft distances. The Q400 program was launched in 1995 as a stretched version of the Q300 series, and its noise and vibration suppression system makes it one of the world’s quietest turboprop aircraft.

Key Details

  • Type: Turboprop regional airliner
  • Passenger capacity: 70-80
  • Range: 2,519 km
  • Maximum speed: 667 km/h